Areas of Practice

Our firm provides integrated legal services in all aspects of commercial-corporate law in many commercial transactions in Israel and abroad, by providing advice and understanding of the client’s needs, with emphasis on the areas listed below.

Our Practice Areas

Privacy and GDPR

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Websites and apps

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Business accompaniment

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Intellectual Property

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Internet Law and Social Media

Internet law is a young field. The rapid and wide-ranging changes that the Internet world is undergoing and that international commerce is undergoing as a result, each time ahead of the necessary adjustments by the courts and legislators.

Therefore, our firm advises companies in this field, special and advanced advice that enables companies to maintain their relative advantage, successfully compete in the competition, and make the required legal and commercial adjustments to the required changes in the field of activity, licensing, information gathering, intellectual property, copyright , Privacy, libel, advertising and more.

In addition, because social media is a unique phenomenon in the Internet world, so are the legal and image dangers it creates. Therefore, our firm provides legal advice to companies operating in the field, including in connection with their operations with existing platforms in the market.

Computer and Technology Law

Our firm provides legal services in the field of computers and technology, representation and legal counsel to many technological companies in the fields of software, hardware, Internet, IT and communications.

Our firm provides legal counsel in the field and accompanies its clients in e-commerce, software licensing agreements, distribution, procurement, support and maintenance, and the provision of additional computer services.

Adv. Joseph Katran also served as a legal advisor to one of the leading computer companies in Israel and has extensive experience in the field.

Corporate Law and Commercial Law

Our firm provides many companies with integrated legal services in all aspects of commercial-corporate law in many commercial transactions in Israel and abroad.

In this framework, the firm advises clients on international transactions in many technological fields, including start-ups, negotiations, engagements, partnerships, establishment of corporations, investment agreements, corporate secretariat and ongoing legal counsel in many areas.

Communication and Media Law

The field of communications and the media has undergone many changes and changes in recent years, both in terms of regulatory and technological aspects. Our clients in the market need the best legal advice, experience, creativity and more.

Our firm provides clients in the field of communications with ongoing legal advice and advice, both in terms of regulatory aspects, as well as in the commercial and commercial aspects of granting licenses, representation in international transactions, and more.

Advocate Joseph Katran has extensive experience in communications and media complexities, working with the largest media entities in connection with content agreements, channels, infrastructures, websites, IT, multimedia, social media, satellite communications and more.

Copyright law

The field of intellectual property in Israel and worldwide has undergone massive changes in recent years in connection with intellectual property rights, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents, etc.

Therefore, our office is one of the first in Israel to provide its clients with comprehensive professional legal services in the field of intellectual property, including Internet and social media, and is updated on the latest rulings and regulations in Israel and worldwide.

Our firm provides clients with a wide range of experience in the field of IP as part of their daily work and agreements and transactions in many areas, including software and licensing agreements, research and development, distribution agreements, agency agreements, cooperation agreements and OEMs.

Tender and environmental laws

Our firm has extensive experience in the field of tender law, as part of a wide range of activities in the field. The firm provides legal services in drafting tenders and accompanying companies in the tender process, and even assists the entities in accompanying tenders in Israel and around the world.

In addition, due to the increasing need, due to the dramatic changes in environmental quality in the world and even in Israel, our firm provides extensive legal advice to its customers in the field of environmental protection, including preparation and compliance with the most recent legal requirements in relation to the Regulation of Packaging Handling Law, 5771-2011, Electrical and Electronic and Batteries, 2012, which is expected to come into effect on January 1, 2014.