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As the world of commerce has progressed to the world of the Internet and social networks, and a new business-cultural world has been created, the use of business and legal conduct in this new trading world requires renewed reorientation for all business players in the market. Along with the business activities of the companies, we offer our clients comprehensive legal support adapted to the new era.

Our firm is a boutique firm that deals with international transactions and provides ongoing legal counsel to companies in the fields of technology and high-tech, in the fields of internet, applications and social media, in the field of copyrights and in the field of landline and satellite communications.

Our firm places great emphasis on adapting the needs of its customers to this advanced online trading, including licenses, defamation, copyrights, privacy protection, transactions via other platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) and social usage policy.

Among the firm’s clients are companies in the fields of software, hardware and computer services, Internet marketing companies, communications companies, investment houses, pharmaceutical companies and more.

The firm specializes in the following areas:

Accompanying international transactions in many technological fields

Providing legal advice and ongoing support to international corporations

Legal advice in the field of internet and social media

Providing legal advice to companies in the field of communications

Providing legal advice in the field of copyrights

Providing legal advice and accompaniment to start-up companies

Establishing corporations and drafting founding agreements and articles

Investment agreements in companies